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The Internet is a Great Source for Quilters

One of the fun things about online fabric buying is that you are not tied down to only what is available at your local fabric store. You get the pleasure of exploring many unique fabric for both quilting and crafting. If you can think of a certain fabric design, you bet all you need to do is hop on Google and do a simple search to find it. The sky is the limit for niche specific crafting ideas. In fact, you only have to look as far as The National Quilt Museum in Kentucky to see an eclectic display of quilt genres.


People use all kinds of subject matter to inspire quilt projects. It is not only about favorite colors anymore. Quilters use their favorite food, pastimes, zodiac signs, pop culture, music, seasons of the year, television shows, sporting teams and animals. “I even carry a line of Duck Dynasty fabric,” says Blan Moore, owner of Fabric and Moore. “We have avid quilters out there that will quilt just about anything!” Continue reading

Things to Consider when Buying Quilting Fabric

Unfortunately, many people do not know what to consider when choosing a quilting fabric. Remember, there is a difference in the quality of a fabric that you order online and the one that you buy from a store. One of the most common questions that many people ask is how they can choose the best quilting fabric. Although the answer is twofold, it is a lot more complicated than you may think. Outlined here are some of the 3 main things to consider when buying the fabric. Continue reading